January 12, 2023

Don't Forget the Same Thing I Did


Dogs are so fun to work with. Look at this goofy boy sitting backwards. I absolutely adore this photo!

Have a Professional Photoshoot With Your Pets.

Where do I even begin? Dotty was a gift given to me for my 9th birthday. My mother was begging me to complete my homework so she could give the surpise she had for me in the car. I wasn't that motivated. I just knew it was a coloring book and crayons. *eyeroll* I mean, nice, but not nice enough to rush for, you know? I finished my homework and we went to the car where she opened the door and the most adorable, black and white, spotted puppy was there to greet me. I was in complete shock. I immediately picked him up and just kept exclaiming, "It's a puppy! It's a puppy! It's a puppy!"

Dotty was about 6 months old when he came to be with our family in 2001. He was my soul dog. He knew he was mine and I couldn't have possibly loved him more. He had my whole heart, and even as a young child, I felt as though I were a mother. He was my baby. As the years went on, I noticed the salty white hairs becoming more prominent. It felt weird watching my baby grow older than myself, but I knew it was the reality.

Dotty was a gentle dog. He had never met a stranger. Many of my childhood friends lovingly remember Dotty being around. I remember how much I missed him when we couldn't be together.

The years went by and he started having seizures. I was scared to death and felt so helpless. I watched as his body convulsed and his eyes shook. I knew his time was close. I'm so glad we took the photos you see below. These were taken just before our lab, Maddi, was put down. She was my sweet girl too, but she was my uncle's baby. I'm so glad my Nanny encouraged me to get these photos.

Time passes and we get yearly school pictures and a family photo every once in a while. Then come the senior photos and maternity, and newborns, and birthdays, but something many of us don't think to do is to get professional, quality photos one of our most loyal family members, our pets, and if we do, it's often when they're newly adopted, and then just before their death, but not much in between.

With all that said, I'd like to encourage you to take advantage of an upcoming event Joyful Portraits and the Summers County ACWP have collaborated to create an event to Spread the Puppy Love! Treat your loyal friend to a Valentine's Day gift and Joyful Portraits will be there to capture the love you and your pet share. Everyone who chooses to have their photo taken will receive one, professional quality, digital image delivered in a link to their provided email address. The form to submit your email will be live on Joyful Portraits' homepage during the event.

This event will take place on February 11, 2023 from 11AM to 3PM at Hinton's Train Depot.




P.S. Bring treats or a beloved toy with you so I can better capture the attention of your pet and reward their goodest behavior while getting their photos are being taken.