June 13, 2022

Phoebe's Senior Casuals

Joyful Portraits 2022 Senior Rep for Summers County

I was so excited to get an application for Phoebe for this year's senior rep search! We used to be neighbors, so I've known her for a while. She's always been so sweet! When we arrived to the shoot, we began by discussing location ideas within our chosen location. First, we'll go here, then we'll make our way over there... This will provide for a little variety from our photoshoot.

She had brought a friend with her. This meant she had a built-in cheerleader! I love it when clients bring a friend or family member for support and behind-the-scenes footage of ME.

Behind The Scenes of Phoebe's Senior Casuals

In this video, you'll see Sara directing Phoebe for a photo on the bridge. She was communicating very loudly and using body motions to direct her since they were so far apart. Once she got the shot, she ran up the hill so not to eat up the photoshoot time making her way to the new, on-sight, location.

Thank you for the capture, Kaylee! <3

Post Photoshoot

As soon as the shoot was over, I knew we'd captured some AMAZING shots! I uploaded the images to her proofing album right away so she could see and choose which ones she wanted to purchase. She messaged me and said, "It’s honestly hard. I love them all, you made me feel so pretty!"

My goal with Joyful Portraits is to have JOYFUL photoshoots with a great memory of the occassion, and for my clients to love their photos! Phoebe's message made my whole heart happy! I couldn't have received a more encouraging compliment than that!

Thank you for your kind words, Phoebe! You were a pleasure to work with!